Open Container Initiative (OCI) image and runtime specifications version 1.0 announced.

DevOps with Openshift

I have just noticed that the brand new book has been published by RedHat, DevOps with Openshift.

It is publicly available, download.

This book mostly covers;

  • Basics understandings of Openshift’s Source to image (S2I) features,
  • Customizing Image Builders,
  • Creation of CI/CD Jenkins Pipelines.
  • Deployment and Scaling strategies.

Deploying Scalable ELK Cluster on Openstack

As you know Elasticsearch is based on Lucene, very fast and scalable for searching operations. Elasticsearch is good for data analysis, logging and error monitoring and alerting so can be used to search all kinds of documents.

OpenStack Heat is an orchestration engine to launch multiple cloud applications based on templates in yaml format.  You can orchestrate cloud applications using a declarative yaml template through an OpenStack REST API.

In this documentation, we will see how to deploy and scale Elastic Search cluster with Kibana and Logstash. Before start,

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